Sunday, 27 April 2008

'BLT' formed one element of a larger image jointly conceived with 2 fellow students. Illustrator Sarah Coleman set the brief which, for us, meant trawling through an endless green consumer article detailing the environmental and health disasters of the making - and eating of - a pre-packed sandwich (bring your own butties is the lesson to be learned!). I enjoyed the discipline of working to an incredibly short deadline and coming up with something really quickly. I'm afraid I used google image search for the basis of this image, but using the facts & figures of the article to create the typeface for the hands was fun (I used ink & a stick, as well as fineliners). Collaborative working was a challenge - but I liked working with a graphic design student - he made me make quick decisions...


  1. Really like this piece Hannah. Has an strange lively almost energetic feel about it. And your subtle use of bold colour with drab monotones feels like it's really telling a story here.

    Michael Oliver.