Cromarty Arts Trust Residency

Work in situ at Cromarty Arts Trust's Stables Gallery, October 2010.
A 9-plate collagraph print in 2 colours, printed at Highland Print Studio (Somerset Satin, 56 x 60cm).  I made and printed the plates during the one-month residency, developed from the drawings and research gathered during the preceding three weeks.

 Collagraph plates in situ at the Stables Gallery, Cromarty.  
I inked up the plates in the intaglio method as you would an etching plate.  
Some artists ink up collagraph plates like a relief print; either is possible, or even both 
(i.e. a translucent relief colour on top of the intaglio colour), it depends on the surface detail of the plates, and also what result you're aiming for.

Some of the P3 and P4 class of Cromarty Primary School show off their beautiful illustrated books after the workshop I did with their teacher, Mrs Tonkin.  See the full article on Highland Council's website, and click on the Cromarty Primary School's Books to see the results.

Talking through ideas with the P7 class at Cromarty Primary School.  
They also experimented with making their own illustrated books; we explored several ways of constructing concertina and flutterbooks.  This included thinking about how they could adapt the construction of the book to suit their own personal interests and styles.  See the Cromarty Primary School page for some of the finished books.

Pages from A Cromarty Diary, October 2010.  
Created as part of my residency with Cromarty Arts Trust as student prize-winner, 
I carried the small moleskin notebook with me every day whilst out exploring, with the aim of making one drawing per day.  Usually the drawing would include some small personal observation, or a visual note of a detail, a moment or some little everyday occurrence that caught my attention.

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