Friday, 3 February 2012

Photos of Skylines Exhibition

Cromarty collagraphs - as seen in recent Skylines Exhibition, Marchmont Gallery, Edinburgh.


  1. Hello Hannah

    always nice to come across another artist who enjoys printmaking...and who lives local (ish) I am in Dunfermline.

    Please enable your "Follow by email" gadget in the layout area of your dashboard so I can keep up to date with your blog. best wishes

    Aine Scannell

    let me know once you have enabled the gadget

    1. Hi Aine

      Thanks for your message, lovely of you to get in touch and for the tip about the gadget which should be activated now! Your work looks really interesting, and I've signed up to your blog also. Thanks again for getting in touch and look forward to hearing more about your work as well.

      best wishes