Monday, 24 January 2011

Collagraph goes to new home!

I'm finally back on-line, with some great news, after major disruption caused by frozen power lines in the recent bad weather! I'm delighted that Emma Nightingale, sister of the owner of Cromarty House, has purchased this nine-plate collagraph print, one of a current edition of only two. I created the collagraph plates during my residency at Cromarty Arts Trust, as a visual response to the observations and drawings I made there during the beautiful autumn in Cromarty last October. I printed the plates whilst I was up in the Black Isle, at Highland Print Studio, a fantastic resource in nearby Inverness.


  1. Hannah!!
    Thanks heavens you have posted on your blog - i was getting worried about you.
    What are you doing/where are you based now?
    Love the prints, really beautiful x

  2. Hello Holly! Lovely to hear from you! I'm still in Edinburgh in my flat (well not all the time)... If you're ever up/need a place to stay closer to town let me know. Are you in Yorks? How's work going? x

  3. Yes back near Betty's, I must've been about 20 times since moving back!
    Work is going well, selling bits here and there... working on an exhibition at the moment to be held in York city centre. So that's exciting and keeping me busy.
    You must let me know if you ever come back down to h'gate. And we'll meet up - go to valley gardens! x